If you are able to alter the Wi-Fi connection on your headset , consider trying another one. For instance using a mobile hotspot, you is perfect for testing . It all depends on the boot loop that your Quest 2 is stuck in the network may not be feasible for you.

Select the Restart option. It will instantly reboot or restart the Oculus Quest. Lowell has been in charge of the site since the launch of the site in the year 2006. In the past 10 years, Lowell has personally written more than 1000 pieces that have been read by more than 250 million viewers. Prior to founding How-To Geek, Lowell spent fifteen years working in IT performing consulting and databases, cybersecurity, and programming.

If you are able, be sure to allow your Quest connect to your online account prior to when the reset. If you don’t, the information will disappear for ever. Make sure the Quest 2 headset is completely shut off by pressing the power button. If you’re able successfully charge your headset properly, make sure to it by booting the device in normal mode or through a hard reboot.

Click the ‘Factory reset’ option and confirm by pressing “Reset”. In this scenario the device is stuck and cannot respond.

He’s now a keen player of technology and is a gamer which makes him an expert in all areas. When you are in the new menu, click on the connected Quest 2 headset. Based on the place and method you purchased your headset, they could also remember the device and provide the possibility of a replacement. If you’re not able to connect you Quest 2 charging , there may be a problem with the charger cable, power outlet or the power adapter. In the absence of knowing if you’re an experienced or novice to the world of VR it begin with the fundamentals. For the final option to solve the current problem, I suggest you contact Oculus Support and create a support ticket.

If it’s completely powered off and you’re ready to turn it off, hold the power switch for couple of minutes to turn off your Oculus Go back on. Simply hold your power button approximately 10 seconds and it should shut down. If that doesn’t work hold it down more time. It’ll definitely turn off the power. If you’re Oculus Go isn’t responding or the controller isn’t functioning properly, and the volume keys don’t work in the Power Off menu–it’s time for an unforced reboot. This has actually occurred to us several times. Hit the power button and again to confirm the selection.

Factory Reset Your Oculus Quest If Needed

If you do not see the factory reset option available in this option menu, you’ll have to follow the methods described in the previous section to reset the factory settings of the settings on your Oculus Quest. Click the Power button to confirm. When you submit your Support Ticket, be sure to document all the steps you’ve attempted to resolve the problem. When you’re not able to solve the issue the most effective option would be to reset the Oculus Quest 2 to factory default settings. This is particularly true in the event that you cannot turn on your headset in any way. I sincerely hope that, if you’ve gotten through this that you are able to solve the problem of booting up on Quest 2. Quest 2.

Make sure that your Quest is charged, switch your headset off, then put the headset back on. Press the power and volume-down button until you can see the screen that appears when you boot. Be aware that these are images of boot screens provided by Oculus. It might appear slightly different on your Quest however, the basic principle is identical.

Warning: Before You Reset, Read This!

Another method worth trying is turning your headset off , and then press the power button for a longer time. If your headset remains stuck in a restart process then follow it up with a hard restart which is described in the next step. If the headset is connected to your phone it is possible to perform the factory reset via the application. Oculus Quest 2 is an amazing virtual headset to enjoy games.

How To Reset An Oculus Quest 2 With The App

But, don’t be worried, this issue can be resolved quite easily. The method to start your Oculus Quest can be found at the support site for Oculus. Restart is a word that’s used a lot however for technology products it’s a method of fixing any bugs or errors that are encountered during the process. In some instances, oculus logo appears on the screen but then the screen disappears.

How To Factory Reset Oculus Quest And Oculus Quest 2

If that happens, the most straightforward step to take is to restart it. There will be an error message that says power off/restarting, following which you will see the Oculus Quest, or Quest 2 will power down and then restart. Hit the power button located on the right side of the device.

Make sure to do an initial reset when you’re planning to sell or give away the headset , or you’ve exhausted all other possible fixes. Oculus Quest headsets are extremely user-friendly. Oculus Quest headset is simple to install and use right immediately out of the box. But, as with all technological gadgets, eventually you’re likely to run into issues. If you have an extra USB cable lying around , try to charge you Quest 2 with that one. You can test charging using another outlet at your home’s wall. You can also charge your headset via your computer as opposed to using an outlet on the wall or power adapter.