I recall when I was playing Steam VR some guy created an advanced menu with adjustable heights that I could always make use of in games. It was extremely helpful for me as I plays standing. ….it is that disabled people cannot play the majority the quest games due to this. It is important to allow the height adjustments from the guardian’s setup to allow people to play and experience games that are normal in height. Certain games are better suited to people who are short or those who play sitting down as opposed to other games. It’s usually due to part of the gameplay (e.g racing games or First-person shooters). Certain games however adjust your height after loading, or allow you to select “Seated mode” in the settings.

After you have enabled the tracking at the end of the step, it will not adjust your height any longer . The intention is to cause the headset to lose track of your controllers once you’ve reached the final point of the swing and nearing the floor.

Fortunately, my children’s play area is located right in on the other side of my staircase on the on the second floor. I’m Martin Rakver, a software engineer and enthusiast of technology. Since I first tested the first Oculus Rift VR1 headset in 2016, I’ve been fascinated by the possibilities of virtual and virtual reality and. This website as well as my Youtube channel are where I talk about related topics and the lessons I’ve learned. I tried this myself, and after a few unsuccessful attempts and failed attempts, I was able to trick the headset to lower the floor level and therefore increasing my height in games. This technique will make Quest 2 think you are higher than you actually are, by intentionally lowering the floor within the guardian/floor setup. Your personal information such as your name, email address and IP address will be removed from this website.

If your porch is at your home, it will likely work too. It could be that you’re tired from working for a long time and are looking forward to playing some VR gaming while sitting.

Change Your Height By Tricking The Quest 2 To Lower The Floor Level

This approach is built on the same principle that was previously mentioned method. We’ll try at lowering the floor but using a different method.

It may be intimidating at first but it’s actually very simple and simple. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are in agreement with these terms of Service and acknowledge you have read and comprehended our privacy policy. I frequently do this using SteamVR and use my Advanced Settings utility. The majority of VR platforms don’t have many accessibility features right out of the box, and it’s an issue. If you’re playing VRChat in Quest 2 or Quest 2 and are having difficulties, I’m pleased to inform you that you’re in the right place!

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It will be necessary to perform the set-up where you place it on the ground and all that. The “A” button this stage of the game is only to reset the player’s height. This is the sole function”A” button “A” button does during Myst in Oculus Quest. To use this method, you’ll require “Developer Mode” activated in the Oculus Quest 2.

I reset my floor and boundary level, and it was restored to normal. It is worth noting that the Oculus Quest 2 utilizes advanced algorithms, models and predictive software to predict where your controllers could be next, even if the tracking has stopped. When the headset loses track of your controllers in the proper time , it’ll show that your controllers are below the floor level. Enabling the guardian and then switching off tracking will cause the headset to adjust your head’s position .

Making Yourself Higher In Vr With The Controller Swing Method

#oculustquest2 | 17.7K viewers have seen this. Watch short videos on #oculustquest2 over on TikTok. When you are ready to set the floor’s level, take a the crouch position and move your arms toward the floor. Make sure not to strike your controllers with the floor since you simply need to swing your arms over the floor. #oculus_quest 42.2K users have viewed this. Watch short video clips about Oculus Quest on TikTok. It’s all you need is an accessibility settings to enable access to this…

Any feedback you’ve provided that has been endorsed by others is attributed the name of “Anonymous”. Your ideas that do not have backing will be removed. I thought it would be able to accommodate disabled players in the majority or all of its games. Based on the feedback below I’m worried that’s not the case.


If you’ve got Developer mode on, perform these steps to fool the headset into changing the game’s height according to your specific needs. In this post I’ll provide you with some suggestions and tricks to ensure that you can still play VR games on the Oculus Quest 2 even if you are taller or prefer to play while sitting.

#ouculasquest2 2.2K viewers have seen this. Watch short videos on #ouculasquest2 in TikTok. #oculesquest2 1.2M users have seen this. Watch short clips about the #oculesquest2 hashtag on TikTok. Update on possible V35 bugs in the area where it believes that your guardian is turned on after I set it to off, thereby sending me into the floor.